Custom Design Flairosol Spray Bottle

Regular price $19.99


  1. Design Wording - 
  2. Design Colors - 
  3. Design for the front and/or rear of the bottle (additional $1.50 if both sides of bottle are customized) -
  4. Design placement of Bitmoji along with any other botttle details and submit image via email once checkout process is complete.

If it is easier, feel free to copy and paste the above steps into "Note to Seller" at checkout. Also, if there is an image or your own logo placed on the bottle, please email image to

General Flairosol care and handling tips can be found in the FAQ section on this site.

 **Here are a few key notes when wanting to do a custom order (or a picture you've seen online)

1. Cannot be a logo or picture that is associated with any business or company you do not own.

2. Pictures cannot be 3D or life-like.

3. If we cannot make your custom picture, we will notify you. At that point, you can decide to receive a full refund, or choose an alternate image.