What is Curly Girl Vibes?
Curly Girl Vibes is the home of original and free thinking ideas for products catering exclusively to beautiful curly hair. We are based out of Southern California,USA and are currently expanding to meet the future needs of our valued customers domestically and abroad.
What do you currently offer?
We have a variety of products we offer directly through our site which are exclusive to our brand. Products range from apparel to hair accessories which are customizable upon request.
Do you ship internationally?
While we make every effort to contain costs and offer the most value through our entire product line, shipping is the expense we have least control over. We ship via USPS domestically which insures a quick delivery at a competitive price. International shipping is something we accommodate on a daily basis, and are happy to assist should you have any questions.
 How long will my order take?
This is the single most popular question we receive. Orders placed through our website are typically processed within 24 hours of receipt. With the exception of "Accessories", "Apparel", and Make-up bags, all items are hand crafted and thus require an additional level of attention. We respectfully ask that you allow 3-5 business days for your order to be completed and shipped to you. International orders should allot an additional 7-10 business days depending on the shipping method selected.
I received my product...How do I protect it?
The products we offer are customized using only high quality materials. As such, we recommend the following to prolong the life of your product for years to come:
It is recommended the following be avoided at all costs to ensure the beauty and longevity of your product- Do Not soak in the sink, Do Not place item in the dishwasher(upper OR lower rack), AND Do Not Microwave. Gentle Hand wash while avoiding the custom design will ensure the protective adhesive coat stays in tact.
Rest assured, all the hand crafted designs we offer are treated with care to ensure longevity. As such, we seal all our product designs with a clear coat to enhance gloss and more importantly ensure the images will always look like the first day they were produced. As a rule of thumb, Avoiding the custom design area while removing the spray nozzle head is highly recommended. While there is no official position from the makers of Flairosol on what liquids are acceptable in the bottle, we will offer some general results you can expect based on feedback from the hair community:
*Water and Water Based Products are generally safe.* Oils and Leave-In conditioners can also be used, However they MUST be diluted with a 1 to 4 ratio at a minimum meaning 1 part conditioner to 4 parts water. Under no circumstances should gels, powders, or thickening agents be used in these bottles!
I didn't follow instructions and my nozzle is broken, now what?
We will be posting a how to video on general trouble shooting in the near future. In the mean time, we offer replacement spray nozzles available for purchase on our site which can be found by clicking here.
Does your brand need an ambassador?
Our brand prides itself on working closely with the social media community. However, we have a full time network responsible for all mass communications and are not actively soliciting influencers at this time.
Do you offer Wholesale?
In a short answer, YES! We are excited to offer bulk pricing starting as low as a dozen units! Contact us for more information regarding specifics and we'll be glad to assist in any way possible.