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Marquee Flairosol

Curly Girl Vibes

Regular price $15.99

Its time to put the vibe out there and in hair with this CGV Marquee Flairosol bottle! With all the designs we proudly offer, our most affordable is a home run with style and your wallet. For further customization, please consider a made to order custom Flairosol bottle which can also be found on our website here.*** Please DO NOT submit a social media handle without first selecting the option in the drop down box as this will create a delay in your order!

    If selecting a social media handle, please follow the instructions below:

    1) Please indicate your color selection, along with your social media handle in the exact form you would like in the "Special instructions" box at checkout.

    2) Please be as specific as possible i.e.  "@CuRLiGurLie"-red or "#curlme-green "

    3) If no color is chosen, handle will be processed the same as logo color.

    General Flairosol care and handling tips can be found in the FAQ section on this site.

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